Designer Jason Morrow G. J. G, GIA

was born in LA California and after finishing my studies I went to New York as a launching pad for Europe. After establishing myself in the jewellery industry working as a diamond grader in a diamond house, than moved into sales specialized in large carat diamond. During this time established my own brand Jarow Accoutrement and launched it later in 2003, Germany with Anna Schneider. After several years of success I was awarded as a designer of the year for accessories from premium exhibition Berlin, which brought my brand to the attention of international market. The brand itself is composed of high quality leathers, precious metals, stones and metal hardware as well as being manufactured here in Germany it is out of the question to outsource. All my products are made in Germany and endurable because of the quality of materials show themself after years of use. Because the leather is amazing after many years of using it. Later on came my custom work received a lots of influence from my days as a punk rocker and metal head and equestrien background. Also my interest in recycling, painting, collage, myth and legends always in conjunct in music, which is a strong theme throughout the collection.